For Evening Upgrade Classes, click on the link to see our class brochure:

2017 - 2018 Revised - Bay Area Sheet Metal Evening Schedule - As of 1-7-18.pdf

Local 104 Bay Area

Day Time Training Schedules


To view your Day Time Training Schedule you must first locate the training group you belong to.

     1. Go to

     2. Log in with your student info

     3. Locate the "contact group" info on your Dashboard

     4. Read the Student Group information to use below


To find your Day Time Training Group and Schedule:

Look for your upcoming letters in the mail.


To view your apprentices' Day Time Training Schedule, you must first locate the training group that they belong to.

     1. Go to

     2. Log in using your OJT Contact Info

     3. Select the My Company tab

     4. Locate the "Contact Group" column on the grid

     5. View the Daytime Group the apprentice belongs to.


To view an Apprentice Daytime Training Schedule, please call your Local Training Center.